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KOZICA REISEN - Driven by the passion to travel

The aim of KOZICA REISEN, a semi traditonal (founded in 1978) travel booking company located in heart of the Ruhrgebiet area (the city of Essen) and run by the family Kozica, is to create modern visual understanding of the claim and aspiration „Aus Leidenschaft zum Reisen“ („Driven by the passion of traveling"). The development of the corporate design picks up on this claim and modern map elements.


The logo is a consistent mixture of both themes („Passion“ & „Map“) and underlines the spirit of the family Kozica as true travel passionate.

This passion is translated visually into a contemporary variation of a classic icon: the shape of a heart, build up on the well known maps tag sign. The harmonious 2 colors code is reduced and based on „passion“ (red) and travel related connotations (such as sea, water, blue sky, fresh air). The overall look and feel is dominated by the use of a white background (open land) with subtle grey lines – a reference to classic geographic contour lines.

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