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In 1999, after my vocational diploma in design, I started to study graphic design at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen.


That same year I started working as a freelancer in a small but rapidly growing agency known as »viaone« which was renamed after the bubble burst of 2000 / 2001 to »mehrkanal« 


After 2 years of studying I finally got to take a course in »integrated communication design«
with Prof. Thomas Rempen - which fueled my passion for brave ideas and good design even more.

I finished my study by working on with the first social campaign which focused trying on raising awareness on the growing group of people making a living by collecting deposits on returnable bottles and cans called »LEERGÜTE« Put to test by Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni  and Dipl. Des. Gerolf Reichentahler


At this time my odyssey working as a freelancer expanded quickly leading me to working with the big players (Butter, BBDO, Saatchi, EuroRSCG, Havas, Thjnk, Parasol Island, Interone, Ogilvy, Grey, Demodern, Sapient Nitro, Sevenval…) mainly in Duesseldorf - the city with the biggest turnover in advertising back in the days. Eventually this led me to Hamburg & Berlin.

After approximately 152,782 UX projects and classic campaigns the time has come to face new challenges:

3D & motion design. I love the concept of 3D and its endless possibilities.

Please check out some of these works in my portfolio.


 The Radekal Manifest 

 I believe there is nothing more boring than redundancy    with its repetitive pattern anxious and uninspired.


 I believe in radical thinking as part of a basic philosophy   

 manifesting in its concept & design shaped in beautiful    simplicity. 

 I believe the future belongs to the brave.  

What do you believe in? Please feel free to drop me a line.

Want to learn more about me?

Check out my instagram channel for more personal stuff

or go to behance to find more design work.





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